Rogue Cheney


Also Known As:

  • The Shadow Dragon (Eiryuu)
  • Ryos

Age: 19 Likes: Frosch Dislikes: Daytime Rogue Cheney is the Shadow Dragon Slayer and a Mage of the currently strongest Guild in Fiore, the Sabertooth. He has an exceed named Frosch, just like most of the Dragon Slayers. Rogue was raised by a Dragon known as Skiadrum, who taught him Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic. When Skiadrum became ill, Rogue used the Magic he was once taught to assist the Dragon in death. At some point in his life, Rogue also implanted Dragon Lacrima into his body, thereby making him a Third Generation Dragon Slayer. Seven years ago, Rogue was a fan and the sworn younger brother of Gajeel Redfox, and desired to join the Phantom Lord Guild, which Gajeel used to be a part of. Also during this time, Rogue changed his name from Ryos as he disliked its meaning.