Roka Shibasaki

柴崎 芦花

Birthday: April 10 Blood Type: A Height: 143 cm Weight: 33 kg Class: 2-A Element: Fire/Darkness The president of the Game Creation Club. She refer her element as "Fire", but later states that her "true element" is actually Darkness. Her main combat method is putting a bag over her opponents' head, rendering them blind, hence the darkness element. She carries a lot of spare bags so she can use them anytime. She used to be a member of Takao's club that has the same name, but quit due to the club members' disgust about her weird attitude, so she and Chitose decided to form their own club with the same name, much to the dismay of Takao who already blames her for losing a lot of her club members (where Chitose is also at fault). Apparently, she and Chitose are childhood friends. She refers to Kenji as her "important person". (Source: Wikipedia & Otaku-streamers)