Rory Mercury


Also Known As:

  • The Reaper

Age: 961 Race: Demi-Goddess Title: Apostle of Emroy Rory Mercury is a demigoddess and an apostle of Emroy, the god of war, violence, and death. Despite her antediluvian age, she has the appearance of a 13-year-old. Along similar lines, despite her delicate, petite frame, she is widely known as Rory the Reaper, Apostle of Emroy, who will slaughter her enemies with her giant halberd with no mercy. Her gothic lolita dress is an outfit for priestesses. Rory has a friendly personality as seen when she immediately became friends with YÅ�ji Itami and started sitting on his lap. However she shows no mercy to her enemies as seen when she slaughtered a gang of bandits without any remorse. In battle, she is shown to have a violent, sadistic personality, however, she is not without a sense of justice, often targeting bandits and criminals, while generally friendly towards the common people. It is hinted that Rory is trying to delay her ascension for as long as possible since when she does, she loses any vestige of human emotion she has left. Her attraction towards Itami — aside from finding him "interesting" — is also due to because she sees him as a sort of emotional anchor to the world of mortals. She also becomes sexually aroused when people die near her as seen when she fought in Italica. Lelei La Lalena describes this as the "souls of fallen warriors on the battlefield pass through her body to be drawn to the side of Emroy". As a demigoddess and apostle, the effect on her is like an aphrodisiac. Later on in the series she falls in love with Itami and said that in her long life he was the only man she truly enjoyed being with. She likes to tease Itami a lot, however she doesn't like when she is the one being teased. She tried to flirt with him quite a lot, however all those attempts were interrupted (mainly by other girls). Rory has a complex about her real age and instantly gets mad when someone mentions it. She said that she wants to spend her last 40 years until she ascends to godhood with Itami. Rory is very attached to Youji, and gets annoyed whenever the lieutenant interacts meaningfully with any other girl, like when he was talking casually to his ex-wife Risa. She also seems to dislike Hardy and her offers of marriage.