Genetic Type: Norma Age: 17 Affiliation: Arzenal Occupation: Pilot (First Troop) Rosalie is a light artillery member of the First Troop. She is a Norma who pilots the Para-mail AW-CBR115 (RS) Glaive Rosalie Custom. During Julio's attack on Arzenal, she decided to join the "Libertus," along with Hilda and Chris. She has short orange hair. She is rather obsessed with money and is often agitated when the opportunity to gain more is withheld from her. She harbors hatred towards Ange being responsible for the former captain Zola's death. After she and the rest of the unit was saved by Ange from a new and very powerful DRAGON, she finally accepts and befriends Ange much to Hilda's anger as she still holds a strong grudge towards Ange over Zola's death. (Source: Cross Ange Wikia)