Birthday: July 21

The oldest sister, and leader of the Red Snappers. Blonde-haired, she is proud and strong. She and Yohko are rivals, both in starship battles and in love. Rouge admires Fluger, and seems to owe him a debt of gratitude for helping her family. Although she almost beat Yohko in their first space battle, she was stopped once Fluger realised she had removed her automatic teleportation module - the device that would teleport her out should her starship be destroyed. Yohko defeats Rouge in their next battle. While the Red Snappers were stranded on the 'Boiled Egg', Rouge is trapped and finds out that Yohko comes from the past. She challenges Yohko to a duel, hoping to keep Yohko in the past. However, due to an emergency, the fight is inconclusive. In the end, they race each other on foot, with Yohko winning. She pilots the Red Snapper Superior, which is equipped with the Ultimate Impulse Cannon, a weapon that is comparable to Yohko's Everblack Cannon. Like the other Red Snappers, her name is related to "red": in this case, rouge is the French word for "red".

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