Roxanne Elipton


Also Known As:

  • The Immortal
  • Zombie Woman
  • Undead

She is the first-ranked strongest third-year student from America, who is capable of regenerating any part of her body. Her age is 17. Known as the Immortal (�死身 Fushisha), Roxanne is among the top 5 of the world's strongest Pandora, with the rank of #2. It was revealed that her Volt Weapon, is similar to Chiffon Fairchild's', it's a large clawed gauntlet that she can generate on both her arms. Her limiter is Shi-Jing Hong. She is one of the world's top five strongest third-year Pandora, being ranked #1 after the death of the Chiffon Fairchild. Later, she joins team 13, which also includes Satellizer, Lana, Kazuya and Charles Bonaparte.