Rue Kuroha

黒羽 るう

Also Known As:

  • Princess Kraehe
  • Princess Clair
  • Ruu

Rue is a very difficult character to read. When the tale begins, she is in a relationship with Myuuto more 'just because' than anything else, yet once Myuuto is threatened from being taken away from her by gaining his heart, she finds that she does indeed care. As her feelings are revealed to herself, and Myuuto is pulled farther and farther away from her into Princess Tutu's arms another side of her appears. In all actuality, her other side is Princess Kraehe who is the Raven's daughter. Constantly, she is told that the only people who can love her is her father and the Prince. So, in an effort to gain love and self-worth, she acts out against Princess Tutu. Many times, she makes it more challenging for Ahiru to give back the pieces of Myuuto's heart. Other times, she kidnaps the Prince to lure Ahiru into traps. Her motives are only to gain a sense of worth; regardless, she is not a weak villain and is very much a threat to the rest of the cast. In the manga: Rue Kuroha is not the daughter of the Raven. She is just a normal school girl was given a pendant to transform into Princess Kraehe. However, like in the anime, Rue loves Myuuto very much. In the end of the manga, she and Ahiru became friends (and rivals for gaining Myuuto's love).