Rui Habashira

葉柱 ルイ

Position: Inside Linebacker/Quarterback Jersey Number: 42 Height: 174 cm (5'8") Weight: 67 kg (147lbs) 40-Yard Dash: 5.2 seconds Bench Press: 80 kg Blood Type: B Birthday: January 25 3rd Year Student (Grade 12) The leader of the Zokugaku team. Basically, he is a punk's punk, leading his team like it was a street gang (which in fact it is). Not short on skill, Habashira's long arms make him a good linebacker, because he can intercept passes and stop runs, though he's not on the same level as Shin. Habashira's trash-talking of Shin is what motivates Sena in their game. However, he does show a more serious side. Although seeming like (and acting like) a punk, he does have a good heart. In the anime, when Kanagushi made an imposter Eyeshield 21 to enrage the Chameleons so that they would pick a fight with Deimon Devil Bats and be disqualified, Habashira, although beat up to near exhaustion, he did not fight back so he could keep on playing and he did not take revenge or let his teammates take revenge on Kanagushi. It should be noted that Rui is the only player who has been subject to a penalty flag in the Eyeshield 21 manga thus far—though that was in flashback; he reacted badly to an official throwing the marker his way, and punched his lights out. (Source: Wikipedia)