Rumiho Akiha

秋葉 留美穂

Also Known As:

  • Faris Nyan Nyan
  • Feyris

Age: 17 Birthday: 3 April Bloodtype: AB Height: 143 cm Weight: 43 kg Second year in Kanaria Private Academy. Faris is someone who works part-time at a maid cafe called "MayQueen+Nyan2". Mayuri works with her. She's quite child-like. Acts like a childish devil towards men. Also adds embarrassing "meows" to her speech. Has an ability to see into people's hearts just by looking into their eyes (which she calls the "Cheshire Break"). Respects her father a lot, as well as having a father complex. She sends a D-Mail to her dad to prevent his death. In the timeline that her dad is alive, he doesn't let her open MayQueen+Nyan2, the maid cafe that has brought moe to Akihabara, so the city does not have anything moe in this timeline. (Source: