Rumiko Chie


Rumiko is the female teacher of Keiichi's class, who is a parody character of Tsukihime's Ciel-Senpai (permission for her usage was given by Type-Moon). The seiyū for her character in the anime series is the same as the seiyū of Ciel from the Tsukihime anime. Going along with the parody, her favorite food is curry rice, just like Ciel, and will go to great and somewhat scary, lengths to uphold the honor of curry, which is shown in the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei OVA, where she becomes enraged by Keichi's "offense" to curry. On a stronger note, she is seen wielding wooden T's, shapped, and held, in exactly the same fashion as the Black Keys from Tsukihime.