Age: 23 Blood type: O Height: 175cm (5'9") Faction: Jäegers Teigu: Thousand-Mile Flight: Mastema Famous quote: ...There are two ways to change a country. Destroy it from the outside, or correct it from the inside. Run is a member of the Jägers. He's a lover of literature. His teigu Banri Hishou Mastema is a wing type. Run is the kind of Esdeath's adviser, because he's probably the smartest person of Jägers. In Chapter 48, Run fights Champ, Enshin and Cosmina. He manages to kill Champ, but is severely wounded. When Night Raid intercepts the fight, he uses the rest of his power to save Kurome. Kurome then kills Run with her Yatsufusa, turning him into one of her puppets. In the anime, after the war between the Jaegers and Night Raid, he's still alive and trying to rebuild the city.