Ruri Hijiribe

聖辺 ルリ

Also Known As:

  • Hollywood

Height: 162cm Weight: 42kg Blood Type: Unknown Birthday: Sept. 27th (Though on the faux wiki in Vol.4 it says she was born on Aug. 8th.) Hobbies: Collecting figurines of monsters, beasts and curious human beings Things she likes: Cats, family, singing, movies with monsters in them, special makeup Things she dislikes: Her own weaknesses, direct summer sunlight Foods she likes: Liver sashimi, foods rich in iron content Foods she dislikes: Foods that have garlic in them Favorite saying: "Solitude is a good place to visit, but a poor place to stay." - Henry Wheeler Shaw Ruri is a very popular idol (many characters have reportedly confessed to be her fans, among them Shinra, Togusa, and several Awakusu-kai members), one of her selling points being her fragile good looks. She's originally a makeup artist and is in charge of Kasuka's vampire makeup in Kasuka's first TV show. Ruri inherited superhuman strength from one of her grandparents, who was (according to Narita's other series VAMP!) a vampire, and is in fact the dreaded serial killer "Hollywood" (the name stems from various monster costumes she wore during each of her kills). Her vampire blood later makes her a target for research of Nebula, which requests Russia's 7th most feared assassin, Igor, to hunt her down. During their fights, the two accidentally irks Shizuo, who brings them both down with a swing of a park bench. Ruri is saved by a passing-by Kasuka and brought to Shinra. Later, Kasuka again shields her from Nebula's henchmen, and afterwards they become a couple.