Ruri Saiki


Sara's shy classmate and best friend. She has a crush on Setsuna, though Setsuna considers her old-fashioned (due to her thick glasses). Setsuna, Sara, and Ruri are caught in the crossfire when Katan is attacked by Kurai; Setsuna chooses to protect Sara instead of Ruri, and it is the last thing she sees before she is blinded by shards of glass. Bitterly blaming Sara for her handicap, Ruri offers herself to Rosiel in exchange for killing Sara. Her latent psychic ability helps reawaken Rosiel through the video game called Angel Sanctuary, and she is absorbed by him. He uses her physical appearance to attack both Setsuna and Sara. In the end, she lets go of her hatred for Sara and saves her life; now at peace, her soul departs.