Ryo-Ohki is the sister of Ryoko (both being Masu hybrids created by Washu) as well as her spacecraft. Like Ryoko, she has the ability to phase through solid objects, and is friendly with everyone, especially Sasami. It should be noted, however, that she only takes orders from Ryoko in ship form. When Washu was imprisoned by Kagato she and Ryoko attacked planet Jurai in a failed attempt to capture the Tsunami tree where she was shot down above Earth while fleeing Yosho's ship Funaho and remained in a deep sleep underwater for seven hundred years until the seal on Ryoko was broken by Tenchi. The current Ryo-Ohki is a second generation,the original died of old age but regenerated by creating a child with its memories that took the form of a cabbit (part cat, part rabbit). The smaller form was created by Ryoko after her revival, before she could leave the cave she watched over Tenchi constantly in an astral form and fed some of her power to a dying cat he was taking care of to keep it alive but had to take the power back upon her revival, so she had it assimilated by Ryo-Ohki. Ryo-Ohki's power is equal to the Second generation Jurai tree-ships, although she doesnt have the power to create Light Hawk Wings,she temporarily acquired the ability by assimilating Ryu-Oh, but lost the power when Ryu-Oh was destroyed but seems to have a friendship with him as she can be seen communicating with the newly born sapling Ryu-Oh. In the OVA series Ryo-Ohki gains two humanoid forms. One of a child, and a teenage form; although she prefers the smaller one as its easier to maintain her balance.