Ryou Shishido

宍戸 亮

Birthday: September 29 Height: 172 cm Weight: 60 kg Blood type: B School: Hyoutei Gakuen Year: 3rd Dominant hand: right Play Style: Counter Puncher Shoes: YONEX (POWERCUSHION199 (SHT-199)) Racket: YONEX (SRQ Titan800PRO) Special move: Rising Counter Favourite food: Cheese Sandwiches, Mint Chewing Gum Hobby: billards Family: grandmother, father, mother, older brother, dog Father's occupation: elementary teacher Favourite subject: geography, history Favourite colour: red, purple Preferred type: girls that are cocky and a little tomboyish Commitee: off-campus activities Worst school subject: geometry, english conversation Most frequented spot in school: the school store, the infirmary Graduated from: Hyoutei's Elementary school division Spends his allowance on: CDs and magazines Motto: Never give up. Movie: Star Wars series Book: music magazines Music: western music (mainly rock) Favorite date spot: アミューズメントス�ット (theme park, the sort of place with a ferris wheel) Most desired or needed item: rare jeans Daily routine: walking the dog, reading in a convenience store Dislikes: homeroom teacher Kobayashi Special non-tennis skill: poker and bowling (high score: 272)