Ryou Sugawa

須川 亮

Ryou Sugawa is a recurring character in the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu series. He is a student in Class 2-F in Fumizuki Academy and is the leader of the FFF Inquisition. Aside from the major characters in Class 2-F, his face is visible normally, and he is the only one outside of the "inner circle" whose Sh�kanjū is described in the light novels. he is revealed to be the leader of the group within Class 2-F known as the FFF Inquisition, which consists exclusively of male Class 2-F students draped in purple-hooded cloaks who discourage any contact between a male student and a female student and pursue draconian punishment on male students. It is thought that perhaps they find it immoral that only they themselves have the curse of loneliness and so inflict it upon all male students. Their favorite victim is Akihisa Yoshii because he is always having romantic events with other girls (usually Mizuki Himeji and Minami Shimada). He sometimes contributes in the Class Wars. His Sh�kanjū wears a martial-arts robe and wields a staff (though in the anime it is not seen). (source: http://bakatotest.wikia.com/wiki/Ry%C5%8D_Sugawa )