Ryouko Ookami

大神 涼子

Also Known As:

  • Wolf

Age: 16 Height: 174 cm (5'8") The protagonist who is fierce, like a wolf, and flat-chested, fights thugs using special Neko Neko Knuckles developed by Majolica. She tends to put up a strong and fierce front to disguise her inside nature, where she is a bit more kind and frightened of certain things. Although generally hostile about Ry�shi's wimpiness, she soon accepts him as someone who can watch her back in fights. It should be noted that Ookami-san's character fits into the tsundere category for anime idioms. She is a close friend of Ringo Akai and is based on the wolf from the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood and others, though on several occasions she is shown to be very different from her base character; she mostly tries to act and be like the wolf, "wearing a wolf's clothing." She'd originally been an honest and innocent girl, but in Junior High her former boyfriend Shirou attempted to take advantage of her, and when she told her friends, they refuse to believe her and accuse Ryouko of fabricating the story in anger after being dumped. After this, she transferred schools and struggled to be "strong" enough that she would need no one and not risk being betrayed again.