Ryoushi Morino


Also Known As:

  • Hunter

Age: 16 Years Old Height: 178 cm (5'9") A shy boy who cowers when confronted by other people and so keeps his distance. He has a crush on Ry�ko and following a failed confession to her, he is somehow enrolled into Otogi Bank, where the others hope to use his low noticeability to avoid being detected. However, Ry�shi is much braver when hidden in darkness, and fights from afar using a wrist-mounted slingshot armed with pachinko balls with extreme precision, as shown when he knocks a baseball flying in midair about to hit Otsuu. He is also known to perform well in fist fights if Ry�ko is in danger. He is based on the hunter in the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood who captures the wolf or Ōkami-san. (Source: Wikipedia)