Ryu is one of the main characters from Capcom's Street Fighter series (and is also one of Capcom's mascot characters) and is the archetypical fighting game protagonist. Ryu has appeared in every Street Fighter game and vs/crossover games produced in part with Capcom. Ryu is the essential wandering warrior type character, living only for the fight, not caring about winning or losing but a chance to fight and learn, caring mostly for improving himself both spiritually and physically. His Background Story varies from anime to anime, but has always remained constant in the game series. The core of his background story is always this: Ryu is an orphaned child taken in by Anasatsuken master Gouken and trained along with his future best friend Ken Masters. Gouken is killed by Akuma (Gouki in Japanese versions), Ryu seeks revenge on Akuma while fighting in various tournaments in the meanwhile. Canon wise the only Street Fighter tournament Ryu won was the original, defeating the Champion Sagat. Ryu has also created an arsenal of special attacks which are standards today including, Hadouken, Shoryuken (Rising Dragon Punch), and Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku (Hurricane Kick).