Ryune Zoldark


Also Known As:

  • Lune

Ryune Zoldark is the daughter of the leader of the DC's leader, Bian Zoldark. She is first encountered by the protagonists of Divine Wars in a quest for revenge against Cybuster and Masaki, who killed her father. Despite this, she is not a part of the DC, and disagreed with her father's ambitions. Indeed, she forgives Masaki and quickly joins the Hagane's fight against the Aerogators. Her unit, the Valsione, is a heavily modified version of the Valsion. Because she didn't like the looks of the original Valsion, her unit is heavily stylised, to the point of being able to reproduce facial expressions. It still holds the Valsion's signature "Cross Smasher" as its most single-target weapon. She is seen once more in the Inspectors. She is first seen fighting against Meikibos' invasion of Mao Industries, but she, along with the Exbein and AM Gunner are overwhelmed and rescued by the Hiryu and the Octo Squad. She spends the rest of the series as one of the protagonists' regular forces, and is usually seen alongside Masaki and Cybuster. She is a somewhat skilled martial artist, and her Valsione is controlled by mimicking her body movements.