Ryuunosuke Miyaji

宮地 龍之介

Birthdate: November 3 Horoscope: Scorpio Height: 178 cm Weight: 60 kg Blood Type: A School Year: 2 Subject: Constellation Ryuunosuke is the assistant captain of the archery team. He’s usually pretty strict with everyone and at first doesn't get along with Azusa that well. Miyaji loves sweets. His daily lunch consists of fruit cakes and parfaits. He also tends to blush a lot and get all embarrassed. After the archery competition a girl asks Tsukiko to give Ryuunosuke a love letter. When Tsukiko does he’s really surprised but then when he finds out that it’s not from her, he refuses and tells her to "give it back." A couple days later during practice his hair is getting in his face because he’s not taken the time to cut it. Tsukiko offers to pin his hair out of the way using a hair pin…and while doing so her face gets so close to him…that he just kisses her without thinking and she realized that she likes him but Ryuunosuke ends up avoiding her and tell her to forget about it. Then Azusa threatens him with asking her out. The next day he confessed his love for her. After a few years they are at his parents' house and she agrees to marry him after they both graduate college.