Ryuuichi Hayami

速水 龍一

Hayami Ryuuichi is a good boxer with a lethal weapon called Shotgun. He is said to have more speed and talent than even Miyata. He has alot of fans (mostly females). He also believes in the Shotgun to get him out of any trouble, however when Ippo Makunouchi starts to read the rythmn of the Shotgun, Hayami is left in shock as Ippo takes full advantage. He is also seen at episode 45 on a karaoke video "Champion" sang by Takamura Mamoru, wearing Japanese Featherweight Boxing Champion belt. He fought against Kobashi Kenta in the Junior Featherweight class, however he lost by K.O. due to an achilles heel in his weak chin. He shortly retired after that title match.