Ryuuji Suguro


Also Known As:

  • Bon
  • Ryu-chan

Age: 16 Birthday: August 20 Hair: Brown (dyed Blonde strip) Eyes: Brown Height: 181 cm (5'11") Weight: 76 kg (167 lbs) Blood type: B Pastimes and talents: Memorization, cleaning, Zen meditation Average bath time: 20 minutes Favorite words: "Karma" Favorite music genres: Rock, American/European, Japanese How he spends days off: Cleaning, meditating, about two hours weight lifting or jogging Suguro Ryuuji is Rin's rival and the prodigy in the class. He was the child of the Cursed Temple which was destroyed by Satan 16 years ago. Bon takes everything seriously and is trying his hardest in order to become an Exorcist powerful enough so he could one day defeat Satan ( a goal he claims Rin stole from him) and rebuild his Temple. Currently Bon is trying to acquire the title of Meister in both Aria (a person who recites holy texts to kill certain demons) and Dragoon (a person who fights with heavy artillery). He is currently an Exwire. (Sources: Wikipedia, edited)