Ryuuji Yashiro

耶之路 龍治 / カオス

Also Known As:

  • Chaos

A wheelchair bound teenager who makes an inauspicious cameo in the last episode of the first season. He is a senior at Tenryuuin High in Shinjuku. Even with his chronic disease, Ryuuji remains an outwardly upbeat, positive, and jovial youth; he plays basketball, has many friends, and even a model-esque girlfriend. Outwardly. Despite appearances, Ryuuji is actually the second season's first antagonist. He can control people's minds through a cellphone game that was played by Reiji Sagaya in the first season. His username in that world is Chaos (Kaosu). Ryuuji's true nature is heartless and sly; he states that he had never felt any kind of emotion - until the Chaos game, when his powers awoke after the disturbance in the Dragon Stream. Manipulating people to commit crimes proved fun for him, for a time. And then he discovered the Magami Five, watching them through the city's CCTV cameras. Through the cellphone game, he sent a possessed person to kill Tatsuma Hiyu's foster-parents, and ultimately provoked the Magami Five into a meeting. Ryuuji is also the Yin of the Golden Dragon, holding the same Star of Fate as Tatsuma (Yang); he is a being who was thought impossible to occur in the same lifetime as his counterpart. Only Munetaka Yagyuu seemed aware of his true powers, and influenced the events to cause the Yin and Yang to meet. Ryuuji is then possessed by Yagyuu at the end of the second season, who absorbs his powers to battle the Golden Dragon. Manga Ryuuji Yashiro by name is an anime original character. In the manga, the character is known only as é�ŽçŽ‹é ˆ (Kaosu). His real name is unknown, and he has no past memories. He is a mysterious, long-haired figure, often seen sitting in solitude; however, he is not disabled. Kaosu is kept close to Munetaka Yagyuu, and used in Yagyu's search for the Vessel of the Golden Dragon, whom Kaosu is the Yin to.