Ryuuko Matoi

纏 流子

Age: 17 Birthdate: October 23rd Birthplace: T�ky�, Kant� Region, Japan Height: 5' 3" Weight: 117 lbs. Ryuuko Matoi transfers as a second-year student into Honnouji Academy, an Academy ruled by power and authority. She wields a huge single-bladed scissor, and demands to know the owner of the second half. As she remembers, the wielder of the lost half of the scissor blade is the same person who killed her father. She is Ragyou Kiryuuin's second daughter and Satsuki's sister, who was thought to be long dead. Ryuuko's body is also merged with Life Fibers. Furthermore, Ryuuko regains her second half of the scissors after defeating Nui in episode 22.