Ryuusaku Murase

村瀬 龍作

The Captain of Vega Platoon. After graduating from SDF training, he was assigned to the Acrux Platoon. He was rewarded with the Captainship of Vega Platoon after he killed the leader of a notorious band of Space Pirates. He rushes headlong into battle without thinking much of it, and is not afraid to bang up the Iron Burger in the process. He's known for coming away with a loss the first time in a battle, but will take down any opponent in a rematch. Due to his morality issues, few people will work together with him, since most people don't share his convictions. He has a cat named Shirabota and loves eating curry. He died as a result of Iron Burger's destruction during the final battle with the Alfort Armada. (Source: Wikipedia)