Ryuusuke Genda

玄田 竜助

Ryusuke Genda is the forty-three-year-old captain of the Library Task Force and is ranked Library Supervisor Third Class. It is partly due to him that Kasahara is drafted into the task force, though since he is the captain, he had the final say. He is very strong, and Kasahara even thinks he has enough brawn to take on a bear full force. He is skilled in military command operations and in politics, such as giving Media Betterment Act agents books and magazines the Library Defense Force had copies of during an operation so that they do not leave empty handed either. Genda has quite an easy-going personality. He is somewhat impulsive, such as buying a new building for use as a future library only so that the task force could raid the premises and rescue Kasahara and Inamine when they were taken hostage. Despite his scary looks, Genda is actually close to his subordinates and never hesitated to make fun of them at some times. It is also hinted that he harbors romantic feelings for Orikuchi Maki, his college friend who works as a journalist on Weekly New World. When that magazine was about to be banned due to some circumstances, Genda said that he would protect it with his life, because it's her magazine.