Saaya Agata

安形 紗綾

Birthday: April 26 Gender: Female Blood Type: O Height: 156 cm. Weight: 47 kg. Hair: Brown School: Kaimei High School Likes: Belles-lettres and animals Dislikes: Sports Saaya Agata is the tsundere girl from class 2-B. She approches Sket-Dan with the request to help her become less "tsun". She is Soujirou's little sister. Eventually she starts to hang out with the group, and would sometimes help out too. Manga Debut: Chapter 128 (The Twin-tail Tsundere Girl) Anime Debut: Episode 52 (The Twin-tail Tsundere Girl) (Source: Wikipedia) In episode 64 she admit that she has a crush on bossun since he accepts her and cares about her. And she note that she can't stop thinking of him.