A Count of the Vers Empire and one of the Martian Knights. A friend of Cruhteo who has been eager to rekindle a war between Mars and Earth. He's one of the conspirators behind the murder attempt of Princess Asseylum. He pilots the Kataphract Dioskuria and uses it to attack Cruhteo's castle when he realizes he has been discovered. He kills his fellow Martian Knight and captures Slaine. He reveals that Slaine's father saved him during the Heaven's Fall, hence the reason of why he took Slaine when he thought Cruhteo was going to kill him. The woman he loved died during Heaven's Fall and blames the royal family for her death, so now he wants to kill Asseylum and take Earth's resources as a way of revenge. Despite shooting to kill the princess, he's spared by Slaine and forced to save her. He eventually adopts Slaine and names him his successor but during a battle, he's killed by his adoptive son in revenge for trying to kill Asseylum. (Source: Wikipedia)