Saburou Togusa

渡草 三郎

Height: 166cm Weight: 57kg Birthday: July 30th Blood Type: A Hobbies: Cheering for idols (Hijiribe Ruri), driving Things he likes: Hijiribe Ruri, his own van Things he dislikes: People who scratch his van, the anti-Hijiribe Ruri lot Foods he likes: Ramen Foods he dislikes: Anything that’s likely to get spilled inside his van. Favorite saying: “Idol-chasing? No. There’s no need for us to chase Ruri-chan because to us, Ruri-chan is the world itself. We do what we do to thank the world.” - President of the Official Fan Club of Hijiribe Ruri (by the way, Togusa is one of the three Vice Presidents.) A buddy to Kyohei and knows Kaztano well since he gets his concert tickets from him. He often drives his friends around in his van. He is part of an anonymous online gang: Dollars