Sae Nakata


Age: 14-15 Class: 1-B Height: 151 cm Weight: 47 kg Birthday: February 14 Blood type: A A friend of Miya's. Having studied at an all-girl's school for most of her life, Sae is incredibly shy around men. She is the main female character on the third arc in the anime Her ending in the game: Best End: She feels badly about making Tachibana be her boyfriend. Tachibana runs after her, telling her how much she means to him. They spend their Christmas watching a movie in a private room. They share a deep, passionate kiss. Sex is strongly implied. Many years later, she walks out of a hospital towards Tachibana... pregnant with his child. Good End: She works in a maid cafe. She never would have had the confidence to work there hadn't it been for Tachibana's support. One day, she'll make Tachibana fall in love with her. Normal End: They fool around in the school infirmary. They share a deep kiss. She tells Tachibana to lock the door. Is sex implied? You be the judge. Bad End: Her parents find out that that she gets sick waiting for Tachibana in the cold. They transfer her to another school. The game ends with her on the rooftop of another school alone, wondering if she'll ever see you again (unlikely). --Ignored Epilogues are epilogues if you ignore her. Ignored Epilogue: She's shy around guys. In her route, you break that shyness. In her ignored epilogue, she "befriends" some otaku who make her cosplay in revealing outfits. Miya might also join in the cosplay, depending on your decisions. source: