Saga Gemini


Age: 28 Birthday: May 30 Nationality: Greece Class: Saint Loyalty: Athena (good side), himself (evil side) Cloth: Gemini Rank: Gold Training: Greece Height: 188 cm Weight: 87 kg Blood type: AB Secret moves: Galaxian Explosion, Another Dimension, Demon Emperor Fist Kurumada described Saga and Kanon in his manga (vol.7) as being extremely beautiful. This was probably a reference he made to the myth associated to the Gemini Constellation, which represents Castor and Pollux, brothers of Helen of Troy. Along with Leo Aiolia, Saga disguised as the Pope was the first Gold Saint that Masami Kurumada introduced in his manga, although their rank was revealed until later volumes. In his first appearance, Saga presided the event in which Pegasus Seiya acquired the status of Saint. In the anime adaptation, he was introduced in identical manner, in episode 1. Saga served as the main antagonist for the Sanctuary arc. Being an excellent strategist, Saga managed to put himself in control of the sanctuary (though unfairly) for many years. Before the final showdown between himself and Pegasus Seiya, Saga was portrayed as a mysterious being with his facial features hidden from view. Saga is often described by other characters as someone with the kindness of an angel but with the darkness of a demon. This ambivalence ended up creating a split personality: a good Saga that was extremely loyal to Athena and an evil one that keep the control of the body most of the time and killed the previous Pope to steal his place. Sometimes it is hinted that the creation of his "bad" personality had the influence of some external force, although nothing was clearly stated. When it takes the control of Saga's body, his hair turn from blond to jet-black (the color schemes were altered for the anime, in which Saga's normally blue hair turned light grey). Saga's two "sides," can also communicate between them : in a dialogue the good Saga reproaches his evil "side" to have forced him to hurt Athena. (Source: Wikipedia)