Saji Genpou

左慈 元放

Revealing herself in the 3rd season (and so far is an anime exclusive character like Chuubou), first as a mysterious cloaked girl with a crystal ball who would often show up and speak to Ryomou. Her true identity was not revealed until several episodes in as the real Saji Genpou. She is a toushi with a tragic past, harassed as a child for being different by the other children (only one girl, most likely Chuubou based on her voice, pleaded to them to stop but to no avail). She is a powerful mistress of genjutsu (illusion) magic as shown by her revival of Ryofu and mind controlling some of the stronger toushi in the series most noticeably Ryofu, Ryubi and her friends excluding Kanu and even Hakufu herself however prolonged use of mind control causes great pain to her. She hates all forms of love and friendship and goes to great lengths with her powers to break them up, wanting everyone to suffer as she had. Believing that obtaining Ryomou's dragon will give her the power to do so. It is interesting to note that Saji has a crush on Ouin, believing him as the "only one who understands her." (Source: Wikipedia)