Saki Hyuuga

日向 咲

Also Known As:

  • Cure Bloom
  • Cure Bright

Birthday: August 7 Like Nagisa Misumi, Saki is a cheerful athletic girl. She is a member of the girls' softball team of Yuunagi Middle School. Similar to Nagisa, Saki is excellent at sports and not being very good at school (but still a bright individual though), loves sweets and has a large appetite. Unlike Nagisa, Saki has a mild personality and a habit of saying "zekkouchou!" when she gets excited, and she retains a happy-go-lucky attitude even before fighting the final battle. Although Saki appears childish at times, she is lenient and gregarious, and her cheerful and easygoing personality often makes people happy and befriended. Her family runs the Panpaka Pan bakery, and Saki is good at cooking and making delicious breads. She has a sister named Minori, who shares her room and annoys her once in a while. Saki's name can mean, but does not directly translate into, "blooming towards the sun," or a sunflower, and a sunflower is also Cure Bloom's symbol. As Cure Bloom, Saki introduces herself as, "The Shining Golden Flower, Cure Bloom!" while she introduces herself as "The Shiny Crescent (Full) Moon, Cure Bright!" in her Cure Bright form.