Saki Kijima

貴嶋 サキ

Age: 20 Birthday: June 17 Height: 161cm Weight: 45kg Blood type: B Hair: green Eye Color: dark blue Saki is Wataru's maid. She is significantly older than Wataru and lives with him in his video-rental store. Her biggest fear is that Wataru will start watching porn when he reaches puberty, which he denies. She reacts strongly whenever Hayate touches her anywhere, such as tapping her on the shoulder or carrying her away from danger, worrying about whether or not their physical contact will affect her chances of getting a husband later in life. She is basically afraid of men. Saki came in contact with the Tachibana family when Wataru's grandfather, Enkyou Tachibana, saved her and her grandmother, the legendary maid Rei Kijima while they were traveling around the world searching for her missing parents. In season 3, she still works with Wataru except that he now runs a manga bookstore, she has also changed her maid uniform from black to pink.