Saki Sukinasaki

須木奈佐木 咲

Also Known As:

  • The Beast Idol

Age:18 Blood Type:AB Mentality:Abnormal Affiliation:Kiyoterae. Previously is Suisou Student Council Position:Previously is General Affairs Manager Occupation:Idol Education:Suisou Academy, Class 4 Abnormality:Error Message Plate Sukinasaki initially appears to be a shy girl, approaching but speaking timidly to Misogi Kumagawa when he first transfered into Suisou Academy. This shy demeanor is soon revealed to be a facade; Sukinasaki is actually highly manipulative, using her ability Error Message Plate to control others. Because of her ability, she considers herself the most important in the academy hierarchy, and prefers to work from behind the scenes by controlling those in power as she orchestrates events to further her own desires. Despite her malicious personality, Sukinasaki seems only to desire peacefulness and stability wherever she has planted herself, and does not particularly care who is in charge as long as this requirement is met. As an idol, Sukinasaki is considered to have adapted the best to the music industry, recognizing the commerciality of everything involved. When she gets excited, Sukinasaki has a tendency to strip. (Source: Medaka Box Wiki)