Sakura Hanazono

花園 さくら

Age (Class): 16 (2-3) Date of Birth: March 3rd Blood type: O Height: 156 cm Weight: Not telling- Special: Anything from popular music to enka. Karaoke. NO MUSIC NO LIFE! Interest, hobby: Misaki >3< Reliable Big Sis A good friend of Misaki's and one of the few female students at Seika High, Sakura is friendly and cheerful and, like the rest of the girls, relies on Misaki for protection from the wild behaviour of the boys. She is quite popular amongst the boys, but frequently rejects their confessions; in particular, she's rejected ex-rugby captain Masaru Gouda one hundred times. According to Shizuko, Sakura falls in love without carefully considering what the person is really like, as exampled by her persistent feelings for the two-faced, womanising singer Kuuga of a popular band from nearby Yumesaki High. She has high respect for Misaki and despite her constant happy and tolerant attitude, defends Misaki when Kuuga insults her. (Source: Wikipedia)