Sakura Kaname

要 咲良

Sakura is a natural born leader—since childhood, she has led Kenji and Mamoru around from one adventure to the next (they refer to her as "anego," which is used by Mafia members to refer respectfully to a senior female member). She hero-worships her father, a very stern and powerful martial artist, and is devastated when he is killed in the first assault of the Festum. She has a high aptitude for piloting Fafners and is the first pilot selected after Kazuki (she pilots the Mark Drei (III). She is rather blood-thirsty in battle, desperately wanting revenge for her father's death, but is actually not as good a pilot as one would expect. She comes to accept herself (and Kenji) for who she is, but the toll of piloting a Fafner falls heavy on her. After her father Seiichirou's death in the first episode, Sakura lives alone with her mother Kiyomi in the Kaname family dojo. She starts to develop a friendship with Canon Memphis too, when she comes to live on the island, and seems to accept and return Kenji's love for her. (Source: AnimeNfo)