Sakura Kitaooji

北大路 さくら

Sakura makes her debut in Episode 26. Like Ichigo, she was inspired by Mizuki to become an idol. She comes from a famous kabuki troupe family and has learned many ancient Japanese arts ever since she was little. Like among the other members of the family, she has the genetic habit of breaking into theatrical performance when reminiscing about things known as the "Kitaoji Theatre." Her usual personality is very calm, polite, and kind. She is very friendly and works really hard like Ichigo to go against and beat Mizuki. When she first came to the Academy, Ichigo was her senpai (the one you look up to in Japanese) and helped Sakura in gaining her confidence and develop friendship between each other. In Episode 38, she formed an independent new idol unit, Powapowa-Puririn with Otome and Shion. As of Episode 124, Sakura replaces Otome as the Starlight Queen. (Source: Aikatsu! Wikia)