Sakura Oogami

大神 さくら

Also Known As:

  • Ogre

Height: 192 cm
Weight: 99 kg
Chest: 130 cm
Specialty: Super High School Level Wrestler

Her specialty is Mixed Martial Arts. She says her goal is to become the strongest person on earth.

(Source: somethingawfulforums)

It was later revealed that she agreed to become an accomplice of Monokuma (Monokuma's "mole") on the first day, because Monokuma was holding her clan's dojo hostage.
She killed herself late in the game, in order to protect the group's in-fighting because of her existence. Not wanting any further murders to occur, she resolved herself and protected remaining students as well as Asahina.

Asahina mistook her intention by thinking that she killed herself because she felt cornered, because Monobear replaced Oogami's real suicide note with a fake one. Later found out the truth about Oogami's will.



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