Also Known As:

  • Salako
  • Sara
  • Salamandrill
  • Salamando

She pilots the mysterious Ragna-mail, Yang Dragon (Enryugo). She comes from the same dimension as the DRAGON's. After her first encounter with Ange, it's shown that they both have a connection in their past lives. It was later on revealed, that she is from a parallel world called the "True Earth" that is 500 years in its future. She the ruler of the so-called true humans in the said world and the direct descendant of Aura the first DRAGON who has recreated the said world. She holds the the titles of Lieutenant Guardian and Princess of the the Freyja Family. She is also one of the high priestess that governs the land. To activate Enryugo's Spacetime Convergence Cannon, she needs to sing "Towagatari Kaze No Uta" which is a song that Aura taught. (Source: Cross Ange Wikia)