Samatarou Kamiyama

神山 佐間太郎

Samatarou is the blue-eyed, blue-haired son of a god and a goddess, who is studying humanity on Earth in order to be a better deity when he is ready to succeed his father. Samatarou isn't human, evidenced by the fact that he mentions never having felt really hungry and by Tenko's comment that he shouldn't be too strongly affected by pain when she punches him. Samatarou doesn't seem to have full control of his powers yet, although he is capable of communicating in telepathic/chibi form and he displays other abilities infrequently. Samatarou is generally kind-hearted, considerate to people and capable of acts of courage and determination, but he is easily embarrassed by his family's madcap antics and he is easily bribed with yakisoba bread. Before his crush on Kumiko, he seemed to be generally fed up with his life, where he got everything he wanted just by wishing it, and was lacking in resolve.