A high level agent of the Safeguard who first appears as a short, young girl with black hair. She appears to have a particular interest in wiping out the human tribe of Electro-Fishers, and seems to know Killy from the past. Sanakan has 3 forms. First is a child form who later is stolen by Cibo and used until 10 years is over. The second one is Safeguard form. This form is her battle form, and this one can be revived many times. She uses a GBE like Killy, but it has a bigger shape, though not necessarily more or less powerful. Her third form, similar to the original form, is a humanoid like Killy. According to the manga, the Safeguard form of Sanakan does not possess a Sanakan soul, only a remote body controlled by the main Safeguard system, which is why, when Cibo hacks into the Safeguard system, all exterminators and the Sanakan Safeguard stop moving for a while. The real Sanakan, now protecting Cibo who brings Net Terminal Genes, is again killed by the silicon creatures. After dying (she is possibly in the net sphere), her leader warns her that if she goes back to base reality with Safeguard form (one possessing a Sanakan soul), and she is killed again, they can't revive her again. Sanakan finally has the same goal as Killy. She even helps Killy to destroy Safeguard, who tries to eat Cibo's core.