Also Known As:

  • Snowstorm
  • Cyclonus
  • Snow Cat

Cautious. Reliable. Uneager. These are not words to describe Sandstorm (Cyclonus in English version). He is one wild and crazy guy. He is the guy in the group that even the others think is a little unbalanced. His usual battle tactic is to rush straight in with every piece of artillery he has blazing, all while laughing maniacally. Other times, he yodels while rushing straight in with every piece of artillery he has blazing. He loves combat, and isn't particularly picky about which side he's on, so long as he gets to shoot things. He's not especially bright, but Megatron knows the value of a soldier largely without fear. He is often times partnered with the Micron Cannon (Crumplezone in English version), whose optics were opened up to just how much fun lunatic charges can be. The two get along amazingly well, both having an undying love for the sheer excitement of blowing stuff up real good. Sandstorm takes the name Snowstorm after receiving a new body. (From: Transformers Wiki, edited)