Sangaku Manami

真波 山岳

Also Known As:

  • Fushigi-chan
  • Wonder Boy
  • Alice in Wonderland

Birthday: May 29 Blood type: AB Height: 176 cm (5' 9") Manami Sangaku is a student at Hakone Academy and a member of the school's cycling club. Despite being a first year, he earned a place on Hakogaku's Inter High team, a feat which had never been accomplished by a first year before. He is generally an easygoing guy. He also has a habit of being late to class and even to his debut Inter High. Since the Hakogaku bus left him behind, he had to bike to the location, and ended up going on stage while wearing regular shorts. Manami doesn't seem to be bothered by being late, exemplifying his laid back nature. He gets distracted by mountains easily because he loves to climb. And, though Manami appears to be calm and laidback during races as well, there are times when he gets very fired up and a darker, more sinister part to his personality comes out. Manami is known for taking advantage of the wind to surpass his competitors. He uses the wind to let him know when it would be a good time to pass other racers. This technique causes others to think that he is falling behind because he is not trying to catch up to the racers ahead of him, when really he is just waiting patiently for his time to come. His "wings" appear when he is using this skill. (Source: Yowamushi Pedal Wikia)