Sanger Zonvolt


Also Known As:

  • Boss
  • Oyabun

Sanger Zonvolt debuts in Divine Wars as the leader of the ATX team, pilot of the Grungust Type-0. Prior to the series, he was one of the Agressors, along with Kai Kitamura, Elzam Von Branstein, Gilliam Jager and Tempest Hawker. In Divine Wars: While he initially fought with the ATX team, he is captured by the DC and meets with their leader, Bian Zoldark. Bian convinces Sanger to join them to reform the federation and fight off the incoming Aerogator invasion. As such, Sanger fights against his former teammates in the DC war, alongside his old friend, Elzam. However, when Bian falls and the DC is taken over by Adler Koch, he actively resists the new leader, and indeed, single handedly defeats him. After this incident, he is remains largely unseen, becoming a "shadow" to the Hiryu and Hagane, along with Elzam and the Kurogane, although he emerges during the L5 campaign and assists in the final strike against the Aerogators. In The Inspectors: Sanger returns to hiding, and is given the Grungust Type-3, along with a new Zankanto, by Elzam (now under the pseudonym "Ratsel"). He uses this to fight against the Shadow Mirrors, assisting Gilliam's counter offensive against the other-worldy group. In this conflict, he is brought face-to-face with Wodan Ymir, a man who is almost exactly the same as Sanger himself (and indeed, many had thought him to actually be Sanger until he came out of hiding). In an effort to retake the Tesla Reich Institute, Sanger's Type 3 is destroyed, but he receives a new unit, the "Dynamic General Guardian" unit 1, or, appropriately, the "DyGenGuar", which he uses for the rest of the series. His next most noteworthy battle is against Wodan, who is revealed to be a cyborg of Sanger himself (from the Shadow Mirror's parallel world), a duel which Sanger wins. After this, Sanger continues to assist the protagonists for the remainder of the series, before once again returning to the shadows with Ratsel. Signature lines 「黙れï¼�ã��ã�—ã�¦è�žã�‘ï¼�ã€�(Shut up! And listen!) 「我ã�Œå��ã�¯ã‚¼ãƒ³ã‚¬ãƒ¼ï¼�ゾンボルトã€�悪を断ã�¤å‰£ã�ªã‚Šï¼�ã€�(My name is Sanger Zonvolt, the sword that smites evil!) 「我ã�Œæ–¬è‰¦åˆ€ã�«ã€�æ–­ã�¦ã�¬ã‚‚ã�®ã�ªã�—ã€�(My Zankantô can cut anything!)