Sanosuke Harada

原田 左之助

Name: Sanosuke Harada Age: 25 Gender: Male Height: 6' 4'' (Maybe higher) Weight: 215 lbs. (Don't worry, its all muscle) Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark, spiky brown Affiliation: Shinsengumi Position: 10th Unit captain Status: Best spear fighter in the Shinsengumi and one of the three comedians Family: Not mentioned Friends: Shinpachi Nagakura, Heisuke Todo Rivals: Bullies, Choshu The number one spear user in the Shinsengumi, Harada Sanosuke is not one to be estimated. Though his skills with the katana leave much to be desired, he is practically invincible with a spear and is a master of the Taneda Houzouin Ryu spear technique. He is a fun-loving guy that loves to eat (especially at the expense of others) and enjoys poking fun at the chibi. He, Toudou Heisuke and Nagakura Shinpachi make up the Comedian Three (if you've watched the series, you'd definitely see why...). Despite his crude, rough exterior, Sano has a kind heart. He hates seeing people being bullied, and will go out of his way to aid those in need (although he is also the one who stomped all over Tetsu in the first episode). Another of the first members of the Shinsengumi, he was around before the Shinsengumi moved to the capital. A little erratic, he is not someone Hijikata trusts to send on errands (neither is Shinpachi, for that matter)... He will do almost anything for food, especially food cooked by Ayumu. For example, in Episode 6, Sano was actually trailing behind in the marathon. But when he thought about the super-size meal cooked by Ayumu (the prize) his speed increased drastically to the point whereby he caught up with Yamanami and Shinpachi, who were in the lead. Ah, the power of love (of food)...