Sanzou Genjou

玄奘 三蔵

Also Known As:

  • Kouryuu

Age: 25 Birthday: November 29 Sign: Sagittarius Blood Type: A Height: 177 cm (5'10") Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs.) Hair: Blond Eyes: Violet Hobbies: Not many. He does read the newspaper, though Dislikes: Rain. Just about anything he finds annoying. And cats Sanzou is a handsome creature that is anything but the traditional Buddhist monk. He is ill-tempered, swears, eats meat, drinks, and is usually seen with a cigarette hanging from his lips. Sanzou is the bearer of the Maten scripture, which allows him to banish demons. Sanzou also possesses a Smith & Wesson shoureijuu [banishing gun] which he is often seen wielding in battle. At the start of the story, he was bidden by the Three Aspects to journey to India with his three companions to stop the resurrection of the demon King Gyuumaou. Backstory Before Sanzou was bestowed his present title, he was known as Kouryuu, the river orphan. He was found by his mentor Koumyou Sanzou when he was just a baby, abandoned to float downstream. Koumyou raised and taught him, and was held by Kouryuu in high regard. Shortly after Kouryuu was named as Koumyou's successor, Koumyou was killed while protecting Kouryuu from demons that were raiding their temple looking for the holy scriptures. They succeeded in stealing the Seiten Scripture that Koumyou bore, but left behind the Maten Scripture. The young Genjou Sanzou subsequently went on a search to recover his master's stolen scripture, but was unsuccessful. Several years later, he came under the employ of the Three Aspects in order for them to help him in his task. Although he remembers his master fondly, Sanzou is often haunted by the memory of Koumyou's death. He despises the rain due to the fact that it poured down on the night of his master's death, and often broods whenever it falls from the sky, usually refusing to go out into it. Despite the fact that Sanzou's abilities are undeniable, he often feels as though he is unworthy of the title that his master bestowed upon him, but yet strives to become strong enough to one day see himself as deserving of it. In his previous life, Sanzou was the god Konzen Douji, the nephew of the Merciful Goddess Kanzeon, who is often seen watching over him and his group from her place in heaven. He was an ill-tempered bureaucrat who had no joy or excitement in his immortal life until it was turned upside down by being named the caretaker of the young Son Gokuu. He subsequently became very attached to his charge, albeit reluctantly. (Source: Saiyuki Fansite f a t e d, Saiyuki Wikia)