Sasami Sasasegawa

笹瀬川 佐々美

Also Known As:

  • Sa-chan
  • Sasamin

Height: 154 cm Weight: 43 kg BWH: 78-54-81 Sasami is a girl at Riki's school and is Rin's rival. While Rin loves cats, Sasami is a devoted dog lover. Due to this, she will often get in a fight with Rin, though since she is the captain of the girl's softball team, she will send in her members first before she goes in herself. Her name is thought to be a tongue twister, which even she manages to mix up, and she likes Kengo Miyazawa. The reason for her avoiding cats is due to the disappearance of her own cat Kuro during her childhood. In Sasami's route, which it takes place after the events of Refrain, Sasami's cat Kuro created a world similar to the Little Busters! world around the school in order to meet Sasami one last time before dying. At the ending of her route, she became a member of the Little Busters!