Also Known As:

  • Clockwork Ninja

Hometown: Iga Function: Ninja Creator: Monoshirii Title: Clockwork Ninja Armaments: Kunai, Firecracker Bomb The powerful "Clockwork Ninja" created by the Wiseman Monoshirii, Sasuke is a highly adaptive combat robot. Sasuke originally provided Monoshiri protection as the Jounin (Head Ninja) of a band of clockwork ninjas. Sasuke is also fairly naive, incapable of doubting the meaning of even the most sarcastic of statements. Because of this, he is often puzzled and confused with Goemon and Ebisumaru, as they are more relaxed and lax individuals. Overall, Sasuke has learned that he can trust in Goemon's leadership and judgement when things get serious. Known to few, Sasuke is built with a purposeless and highly dangerous internal switch that changes Sasuke from his normal altrustic personality to savage villain. (Source: Ganbare Goemon Wiki)